Big Feet

Taking a look at sustainable development from an environmental perspective was the topic this week in sustainable development. On Thursday we took a look at carbon footprints and this is what I’ve decided to find out more about for my blog.  A carbon footprint is “a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide produced by a person, organization or state in a given time”

I started off by calculating my carbon footprint. To do this I used the carbon calculator on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website: . According to the carbon calculator on this site my carbon footprint is 2.02 tonnes per year. The average for Europe is 8.5 tonnes per year. . I measured my carbon footprint a few months ago and I was told that if the planet was to sustain its population with everyone having the same environmental impact as me we would need 3 and a half planets. That’s an awful lot more than what we have.

I found this ad on YouTube and I thought it was very effective.

So what could I do to decrease my carbon footprint? I found a huge pile of things that I can do. However most people know about the basic things they can do in order to decrease their carbon footprint so I’m only going to list a few I found that I’d never heard before J.

  • Hoover behind the fridge at least once a year. The dust behind the fridge causes it to use more energy and means it is more likely to break down.
  • Stop and open the dishwasher before it begins drying the dishes and let them dry naturally.
  • Reset your printer margins and use a smaller font. It means you’ll use much less paper.

It’s not very hard to reduce carbon footprints so there are no excuses for people who don’t attempt to decrease theirs. To see more ways to reduce your carbon footprint have a look at .( Or as one website I was looking at suggested-buy some smaller shoes!)


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