Done and dusted

Week 12 of sustainable development, and our last week of the class. For our lecture on Monday we talked about the module and how we feel now that we have completed it. I can honestly say that having completed the module I have gained knowledge in areas that I never thought I would be studying as part of a BSc in Energy.

We have covered a huge variety of areas form business to politics to corporate social responsibility. I would never previously have even considered that areas like this would have had any relevance to a degree in Energy but now it’s clear to mean that you cannot look at any one area of energy without looking at all of the other areas of study. They are all interrelated and after studying sustainable development for 12 weeks I can see that this interrelation means that problems become huge knots that must be carefully unravelled in order for us to take any sort of step in the direction of solving some of the energy problems that we are facing at present.

Everything that had seemed so simple to me at the start of the year has now proved itself to be anything but. It is the complete opposite of simple and we will have to spend much time in order to try and come up with some sustainable solutions. The module has proved to me how difficult it is to solve one seemingly simple problem without causing many more. It has shown me how difficult it is to please everyone. Fixing an environmental problem may cause economic problems and fixing a social problem may cause an environmental one. We are running around in a circle and we must stop doing so and find a way out of it.

I would definitely believe that this module is an important part of our course. Without the vital knowledge we learned we would have graduated with no respect for, or knowledge of other areas. We have learned life skills that will be vital to working in our field once we have completed college.  Sustainable development was my favourite module this semester and it is a module that I feel will stay with me for a long time.


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